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Microsoft Trackball Optical Trackball Review

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Microsoft Trackball Optical

“One of the best trackballs ever made.”
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SUMMARY: We can start with the bad news: Microsoft ceased production of this beauty a few years ago. The good news: you can still get a Microsoft Trackball Optical on places like Amazon and eBay. But be fast, because these get more rare everyday! That the current price of an unused Trackball Optical can reach several hundreds of dollars is only another testament to how well this Microsoft trackball was loved. One of the trackball icons of the century.

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Microsoft Trackball Optical Review

Microsoft Trackball Optical Review

I was able to find a second hand Microsoft Trackball Explorer including the original box and receipt from 2003. It still works and looks great, the plastic looks like new, no signs of wear. The box has seen better days but is still complete.
Microsoft Trackball Optical red light

The Microsoft Trackball Optical has a beautiful red light surrounding the ball, which lights up more intensely when you move the ball.
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I’m very interested to hear what you think of this Microsoft trackball. If you are using this trackball, please share your experience in the comments below or send me a message.

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Microsoft Trackball Optical

  • Sculpted shape supports your hand
  • Scroll wheel
  • 5 buttons
  • Cool red light surrounding the trackball
  • Hard to find or expensive

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Amazon $65-$249 Read reviews See it
Amazon $68-$330 Read reviews See it
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Amazon $65-249 See it
Amazon $68-$330 See it
eBay $27-$119 See it

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Microsoft nailed it just right with this model.

A little history to illustrate the point: Logitech had the TrackMan Wheel years before the Trackball Optical was launched, and it featured two buttons and a scroll wheel as a third one. They upgraded the original white version with better lines and a metallic grey finish, introducing also a cordless version, featuring: two buttons plus the scroll wheel. Then, many years later (at least 2010), they released the upgraded version of the TrackMan Wheel, the M570, which besides a much better wireless connection and laser tracking, features two new buttons! For a total of 5, the same as in Microsoft’s Trackball Optical, and still, not as easy to reach and click.

Just take the reliability into consideration :
– Microsoft Trackball Optical = +12 years
– Logitech M570 = 6 years

Yep, I’m still using one of these beauties that I bought in 2003 for $20 at the MS employee store (courtesy of a friend). Other than the occasional clearing of gunk from the wheel contact points, it’s required no maintenance in 14 years. Really need to pick up a backup before the prices get too insane.

I LOVE this mouse! Why did they have to stop making it???

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