The ergonomic advantage of a trackball mouse

The ergonomic trackball mice from multiple manufacturers are designed with a few things in mind. The shape is dictated by the natural shape of the hand; the bending points and most comfortable positions. The buttons and track ball are also designed with the shape of a hand as the determining placement factor.

There are many different sizes of ergonomic trackball mice and it is a good idea to let your hand rest on many examples before settling on the one that you like best. In a case like this, ordering online might net you a lower price for something that doesn’t fit your hand as well as one that you might have paid a slightly higher price for and tried before you purchased.

Ergonomically designed trackball mice are designed for comfort, in order to reduce the stress on not only your hand, but your wrist and arm all the way up to your shoulder. The repetitive movements required by a regular mouse can cause stress the full length of your arm, causing premature fatigue and in the long run possibly joint and tissue issues. Purchasing a trackball mouse now might be a little more expensive than a traditional mouse, but it can save you in the long run, making you more viable for longer hours at the computer and saving you the pain and inflammation of irritated joints and tissues caused by prolong use.

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Good Afternoon
Thanks for the reviews.
I’m thinking now that my Tennis elbow is coming from the clicking on our mouse, not from manual work, as I’m self employed. Would you recommend the Kensington Expert trackball mouse, as I have small hands & my husband has medium to large hands?
I’ve looked at all the reviews, videos & buyers guide, & it makes sense. We also have a computer with multiple screens.

Dear Yvonne, I would indeed recommend a Kensington Expert as it’s one of the top trackballs available. You will get used to it even with small hands.
If you are not sure, and first want to try the concept of the trackball, you can also start with the Kensington Orbit with Scrollring (see links on the right, under Best Sellers), which is smaller, but also much more affordable, and probably suited for your husband as well (I know people with large hands that are using it and love it).

Good morning,

Thank you very much for all of the information, it has been really useful reading through your site.

I have arthritis in my little finger which seems to be irritated by moving a traditional mouse around the desk so I am looking to buy a trackball. I use a computer all day at work, mainly for spreadsheets, data manipulation and engineering software. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you

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August 24, 2012