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Microsoft Trackball Explorer Review

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Microsoft Trackball Explorer

“There is simply no better trackball”
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SUMMARY: The Microsoft Trackball Explorer is another Microsoft Trackball classic. Not in production anymore just like its brother, the Microsoft Trackball Optical, this ergonomically shaped trackball offers a fantastic grip and layout, with many buttons, a scrollwheel at the thumb’s position and a proper ball placed in the center. This smooth operator is worth getting, if you can find one.

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Microsoft Trackball Explorer Review

Microsoft Trackball Explorer Review

I was only able to get my hands on this second hand Microsoft Trackball Explorer, without the box, so unfortunately no image of the original Microsoft box.
Microsoft Trackball Explorer red light

The Microsoft Trackball Explorer has a beautiful red light surrounding the ball, which lights up more intensely when you move the ball.

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I’m very interested to hear what you think of this Microsoft Explorer Trackball. If you are using this trackball, please share your experience in the comments below or send me a message.

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Review notes


Microsoft Trackball Explorer

  • Beautifully sculpted shape supports your hand well
  • Scrollwheel
  • IntelliEye optical technology
  • 5 buttons, including 2 programmable buttons
  • Cool red light around trackball
  • Currently hard to find
  • Scrollwheel at thumb position not ideal

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Amazon $135-599 3 out of 5 stars Read reviews See it
eBay $50-200 See it
Amazon $135-599 See it
eBay $50-200 See it

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Does any other brand make a similar model trackball anymore? It’s too bad they’re discontinued, and the “Microsoft Trackball Optical” too.

I got mine a couple weeks ago, from a clueless guy who sold it online for 20 bucks shipped. Quite a score.
This one is a very well designed trackball. It can be very ergonomic, depending on how you are sitting. It will punish your wrist if your arm is not properly supported on the desk or armrest.
5 buttons including the clickable scroll wheel, enough to give it extra functionality. All of them are programable, not just the two extra ones.

There is no equivalent, probably the Cordless Trackman Optical comes closest.

I’ve been using them for years and my last one is on borrowed time. I’ve been trying alternatives including the Logitech Touchpad and nothing has come close to the comfort and precision of the Microsoft Trackball Explorer. Virgil is incredibly lucky to have scored one for $20. Most I’ve seen are going for ten or twenty times that amount. I don’t understand why MS won’t restart production or let someone else have the design. Bad situation.

I’ve had one for more than 5 yrs after I first saw one. Then got another for back-up two yrs ago. Most excellent item for CAD work. If you can land one, do it. you’ll never regret getting one.(or two) 🙂

This is the best gaming input device in the world. I’ve purchased several when I was in highschool, now I’m 31 years old and still use it for first person shooters. I’ve used and destroyed several other input devices over time this one keeps ticking and is simply better for gaming and control.

Have mine for over fifteen years now, still going strong, wish I’d bought a spare… shame it was discontinued. This is a classic, and should be revived.

I have had one for almost 20 years and I still use it! I replaced the support balls last year with ceramic ones and I think I will use it for another 10-20 years,

Before I had the explorer, I destroyed two Logitech Trackman, although my wife is still using one, but of course, she does not use the computer as much as I do (graphics design, now retired) …

where did you get the ceramic support balls from please please share 🙂

I got my first one (wireless version) in 2000. Moved back to California from Florida and lost it. Purchase a the wired version in 2002, which I still have. I got another one the next year as my assistant when back to a regular mouse. I still have that one as well. I have had now issues with them other than a bi-weekly cleaning of the ball (soft or microfiber cloth) and contacts. I like the trackball use with my fingers. I just purchased a wireless trackball for a new laptop, but I like using my fingers instead of my thumb. going to have to look for a new wireless trackball for the fingers. The MSTE spoiled me for other configurations of trackball mice.

I used to own one and used it for years. I eventually sold it in very used condition on Ebay for 5x what I paid for it. Never has there been as good a mouse! Kensington is the only good one now but nothing compares to this Microsoft mouse. Not enough people bought it I guess. Sucks! If Kensington was smart they’d make a knockoff. If I was smart I’d make one!

Elecom HUGE has hit the closest mark for me.

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