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My personal favorites, best value and best selling trackballs

Overall Best Trackballs

These are my personal favorite trackballs. Best suited for larger hands, professionals or people that want a seriously good trackball.

Best Value Trackballs

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on a trackball? There are some great options for around $20.

Best Thumb-Operated Trackballs

If you are looking for a thumb-operated trackball, these are the three best options.

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I have Parkinson’s Disease and my hand shakes. I am looking for a trackball wireless mouse that will limit the shake -not high priced

What you need is some mouse or game software that will do the reverse of mouse acceleration so if your making fast sudden movements then the mouse pointer should ignore it.

I bought a Logitech M570 and it worked much worse than its predecessor, LogitechTrackman Wheel. I thought it was defective and got a new one. Same result. As I have seen in Internet, I’m not the only one. The M570 is not smooth at all; you will end up changing it for something better.

I can confirm what Hector said about M570. Exactly the same.

The wired Elecom I bought was terribly poor. The grommet at the front where the wire goes into the mouse interfers with LMB depression, causing unintentional clicks or interrupting click and holds. Shame really as it has all the features I want, just badly made. I also had to put in a ball from a previous mouse to make it move more fluidly. Pro tip there folks never throw away your old mice, bits can still come in handy.

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March 14, 2016