Trackballmouse.org is written by a trackball fan, sharing his trackball experiences. I LOVE the trackball mouse. I honestly can’t believe that anyone still uses another mouse than a trackball. Really! What’s not to like? It uses less space than a regular mouse, works much more accurate and relieves pain in your arm, wrist and hand.

This is how I do it: see my desk

Because a trackball mouse doesn’t move, you can place it on your desk without the need of a large space to move your mouse a round. And it doesn’t matter on which surface you put your trackball mouse, it will always work (you can finally get rid of those dirty mouse mats)!

And last but not least, you will actually not feel pain anymore in your arms, shoulder and neck while your using the computer! A trackball mouse doesn’t require your arm to make thousands of unnatural movements each day. Just relax your arm on the chair’s armrest, ease your wrist on that smooth plastic and aim your cursor with that shiny ball with minimal movements of the fingers.

As a bonus: you will impress your friends: this great conversation starter will always spark some reaction from your friends and colleagues. Especially that large Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse looks like you mean business.

And if you’re a bit lazy, there’s more good news: there’s only a few trackball mice to choose from so you don’t have to read endless comparison websites and do a lot of research. It’s easy! Just check the trackball reviews or compare the features of these trackballs, or just see my Top 10 Trackballs or the Editor’s Choice Winners and make your choice!

And make sure to read the Trackball Buyer’s Guide.

Still can’t decide? Ask my advice, I’ve been working for years with trackballs. Will my advice be objective and impartial? Ehh, no. I am very passionate about it and I have my personal preferences, so be warned that when you contact me, you might end up with a trackball on your desk before you can say “Logitech TrackMan Cordless Optical Trackball Mouse”!

Oh, you’re afraid that you will waste your money just to try that weird trackball thing? Even then I have a solution! Write me a creative, desperate email asking me to give you a free trackball mouse. Once a month, I will give away a free trackball to the person that touched my heart. Just because I want to make you happy and know you will like it.

Ok, I’ve seen enough, get me out of here, I am boring and just want a normal, old-fashioned, mouse.

Great, I can’t wait to get my hands on a trackball, show me the options!

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September 13, 2012